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Hungarian-born Imre Czomba has lived and worked in Los Angeles for over a decade. Meantime the composer made his fame in Hollywood, working in tv-shows and film projects (latest is Thousand Little Cuts). He became the Emmys and Grammys voting member. His classical symphonic film score album Fifty Years was recorded last autumn in the composer’s hometown, Miskolc, Hungary, with the members of the Miskolc Symphony Orchestra. An interesting fact about that Imre Czomba conducted the recording himself. Imre Czomba feat. Mill Score – Fifty Years is now available on Spotify.

Imre Czomba’s name sounds familiar not only in the Hungarian music industry but also in Hollywood. The composer, born in Miskolc, is a voting member and one of the board members of the EMMY American Television Academy and he is also a voting member of the largest organization and award ceremony in the music world, the Grammys. Imre Czomba recently celebrated his big birthday anniversary and on this occasion, he released a new album looking back on five decades of his life.

The composer worked with many outstanding performers back in Hungary, such as Zsuzsa Cserháti or Erika Miklósa, but also wrote songs for the band NOX and performer Ákos. Imre Czomba spent almost two decades in the popular ExperiDance Dance Theatre, then ten years ago he decided to continue his career in the US with his family.

Fifty Years is a kind of birthday retrospective, in which Imre Czomba processed the experiences of the five decades of his life so far. “The song ‘Siblings’ is my favorite from the album, in which the greatest tragedy and greatest happiness of my life appear at the same time. It’s about a mystical sisterhood. ” – he shared with us.

According to the composer, the songs of the album were mostly created on the plane in his mind between Budapest and Los Angeles.  He is grateful that the project could be realized in his hometown, Miskolc. He hopes that there will be a continuation of this collaboration in the future.

Imre Czomba is currently working on a major project with his childhood idol, composer Walter Afanasieff, in Hollywood, with which his dream of many decades has come true. Afanassief has already written songs for artists such as Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, Mariah Carey, and many more.


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