A heat record was broken in Berettyóújfalu


Based on preliminary data, the heat record was broken on Thursday, the National Meteorological Service announced on its Facebook page Thursday.

Until now, the highest temperature measured on June 30 was 38.9 degrees Celsius, which was registered in Pécs in 1950.
Now it was the hottest in Berettyóújfalu, where the temperature rose to 39.6 degrees.

According to the forecast of the meteorological service, a cold front will arrive during the weekend, as a result of which there may be showers and thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds, but the heat will not ease much. In some places, the heat will moderate to around 30 degrees, but in many places, peak values above 35 degrees Celsius are still expected.


On Friday, the minimums are usually between 17 and 23 degrees, but in places sensitive to the cold, the dawn may be a few degrees cooler. The highest temperature is likely to be between 33 and 39 degrees.

The national chief medical officer has extended the third-degree heat alert, which has been in place since Monday and was originally ordered until midnight on Thursday, until midnight next Monday.

Heat Alert Extended Until Monday Midnight



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