We Can Expect Rain, Sleet, Snow and Stormy Wind


Don’t go hiking in the forest! Mild weather will arrive at the beginning of next week.

On Saturday, the sky will be mostly cloudy in almost every part of the country. In the morning, the precipitation tendency increases again from the south, there is a greater chance of sleet and rain in Tiszántúl. The wind from the north and northeast will be strong and sometimes stormy in the western counties. The temperature varies between 1 and 5 degrees during the day, and the air cools down between -2 and +4 degrees in the evening. Due to the snowfall, the National Meteorological Service has only issued a danger signal, a first-degree (lemon yellow) warning for one county, Bararanya, but snowfall is expected in several places.

Typically 1-3 centimeters of snow may fall in the wider area of ​​the North Central Mountains. Stormy winds can carry the snow in Northern Transdanubia. During the day and evening in the southern half of Transdanubia, 1-4 centimeters of fresh snow may fall, but in Baranya more than 5 centimeters may occur, and in the southwestern part of the Great Plain a layer of snow of around 1-2 centimeters may also form.

On Sunday, it will initially rain only in the eastern counties, then snow and sleet will be replaced by rain elsewhere, except in Western Transdanubia. The northerly wind picks up in Transdanubia. In the morning, we can usually measure +2, -3 degrees, but it can be colder in windless, temporarily clear landscapes. In the early afternoon, it is mostly expected to be 0.8 degrees, the weather will be milder in the east.

Several state forestry farms have asked people not to go hiking at the weekend, since it can be dangerous in the forests now, as trees can fall more easily due to the soggy ground and strong winds.



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