Man Who Went Missing From Tarnalelesz on Sunday Found Dead


People searched in vain for the man from Tarnalelesz for four days. His body was found on Thursday.

They are no longer looking for the man who disappeared from Tarnalelesz on November 13th.

The 41-year-old man left his home in Tarnalelesz on November 13th, Sunday, shortly after 12 noon, to an unknown location, and has not given any sign of life since then. He didn’t take his documents or his phone with him. He has attempted suicide several times, so unfortunately it cannot be ruled out that he left his home for this reason as well. His family was anxiously looking for him, and he has been reported missing to the police.

On Thursday, a body was found on the border of Tarnalelesz. Bálint Soltész from Heves County Police Headquarters told the press: The body of a 41-year-old man was found on the border of Tarnalelesz on Thursday. Alienation did not arise. The Eger Police Department is investigating the circumstances of the case as part of an administrative procedure.

The man’s family also confirmed the sad news. The whole family was shaken by what had happened.

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