46-Year-Old Woman Got Raped on the Street in Pomáz


A 46-year-old woman was dragged into a bush and raped in Pomáz. The Criminal Division of the Szentendre Police Department initiated criminal proceedings against 28-year-old B. Richárd for the crime of sexual violence.

“I don’t want it, leave me alone, I don’t want it!” – a couple heard a woman’s cries for help on the evening of August 27th in Pomáz. According to a statement from the Pest County Police Headquarters, a couple walking their dog immediately went in the direction of the sounds and noticed a woman lying on the ground and a shirtless man lying on the ground in a wooded area. Before the attacker could escape, one of them took a picture of him, and his partner immediately called the police.

István Poór from the police immediately rushed to the scene with his two colleagues and his companion for the day, his dog named Dakota.

“While the colleagues took care of the victim, his companions collected information from the whistleblowers. Dakota followed the fugitive with his master. They went almost from house to house, showing the picture on the phone and counting the kilometers. At Határ road, the man in patterned pants appeared on a bench, but he did not follow the policeman’s instructions. When he started to walk towards him, Dakota intervened, and moments later B. Richárd was already handcuffed on the ground” – the police said.

The man denied shouting his 46-year-old victim “you’ll be mine!” then pushing her into the bush, pulling off her clothes and raping her. According to his own admission, he drank a lot that night, so “things fell out”.

Photo: police.hu

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