The University of Debrecen may be reserved by a foundation

From the first of August, the universities of Debrecen and Szeged could be under private foundation control. A Hungarian employee of the University of Debrecen told Magyar Orange that the dean’s council of the institution had been convened a few days ago, and the rector explained that the concrete plans would be completed within a […]

Drama, Film University Students Vow to Continue Protest Outside Facilities

Students of Budapest’s University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) have decided to continue their protest against changes affecting the university outside the university’s facilities, they said in the wake of new restrictions concerning the coronavirus pandemic. The university will switch over to digital education on Wednesday, they said. Under the new restrictions taking effect […]

Film, Drama University to Be Shut Down Until February 1st

The supervisory board of the foundation overseeing Budapest’s University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) has ordered the institution to be shut down from Monday until Feb 1, citing unsuitable conditions for continuing classes, enforcing and protecting student rights and ensuring academic autonomy.   “The supervisory board of the foundation has determined that under the […]

Drama, Film University Students Invite IT Minister for Talks

Students and teachers of Budapest’s University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) have invited László Palkovics, the minister of innovation and technology whose purview includes universities, for talks to be held on Nov. 11 at the university’s Ódry Theatre. Students and teachers have held SZFE buildings under blockade since early September and have prevented the […]

Sides Disagree at EP Debate on Involvement of Political Influence at SZFE Standoff

Sides were in disagreement at a European parliamentary debate about whether political parties are influencing the current standoff at the Budapest’s University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE). Attila Vidnyánszky, head of the board of a foundation that took over the university on Sept. 1 under a government decree, told the CULT Committee on Culture […]